July 2, 2015

Betty Turbo All Over Everything

I spent a little time recently culling my illustration archives for bits and pieces I could recycle into new designs for fabric patterns.  I mostly use Spoonflower for making my pillows, but based on the popularity of my donut fabric design, I figured more foodie doodles would be a welcome addition to their marketplace!

I've made scarves and tote bags from my custom fabric, and occasionally dresses just for myself.  Lots of people ask for garments but I was never ready to fall down the rabbit hole of all the additional skills and up front costs required for that kind of production.  Enter my NEW favorite website... PrintAllOverMe!  You can upload your digital art files to their site and offer them for sale on a whole selection of garments.

If you balk at the prices, please keep in mind: 1) Their garments are all printed & sewn to order and many have XXS to 4XL available.  2)  Some of the production is in China, but as explained on their website, all employees work full-time, get health insurance, and receive at least 4x a living wage.  This is not fast food fashion! 3) A percentage of the sale goes to the artist, so you are definitely placing your vote FOR independent artists instead of Certain Popular Clothing Brands who notoriously rip off independent artists every chance they get.

I am already fantasizing about what head-to-toe look I will sport for the holiday craft show season. Candy covered jumpsuit? Scope out my shop on PAOM - I will happily add any designs you see in my Spoonflower shop to the garments of your choice on PAOM, just let me know.  There are lots of choices for dudes too!  Suit up, Betty Turbo Army!  I haven't ordered any pieces yet so be sure to let me know what you think if you pick some up.  I really hope it's all as cool as it sounds!!

(Please also note: PAOM is undergoing a massive site update so some pages & pictures may be slow to load or glitchy, but please don't give up!  I hope it'll all be smooth sailing soon.)

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Rachel Barton Writer.com said...

Lemon meringue pie?!! to die for! Agnes, I think this is a splendid idea. I hope it takes off!