March 12, 2015

Happy Thoughts

Sorry to everyone still buried under 80 billion feet of snow, but it's lookin downright springish here in Oregon!  You know me, I love my snow and winter, but it felt hilarious and sweet to come back from single digit temps visiting my BFF in NJ to a crocus and daffodil party in my yard and the hot pink camellia outside my office window in full radness!  I am grateful for the visual inspiration and the itchy "new stuff" inspirational feelings that come with hints of spring.  As we're in a bit of a lag here between valentine shenanigans and the mom & dad holidays, I've added some more all-purpose cards to my shop.  Send someone a sweet card today and put a little springtime in their mailbox!

Happy Birthday with Confetti, Thinking of You with Succulents, Oh Hey with All The Best Inspirational Things :)

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