September 8, 2014

Party Animals

Hey bros and ladybros, I'm off on some adventures again! I'm headed up to Alaska for a bit to soak up lots of magical inspiration from the North. Thrilled for the chance of some actual cool weather, so, suck it, unreasonable summer! I will be planning some new projects and dialing in some holiday show plans whilst wearing many sweaters and scarves. Can't bring eleventy billion markers with me, but I'll have at least a handful, so expect One Minute Portraits to appear at some point. Rhubarb and wild blueberries will be consumed! And what's cooler than being cool? Hangin out on a motherscratchin glacier, that's what! 

So how is my dedication to moose blazers made from blue tarps relevant to your life, you may ask? I'll be leaving my shop open while I'm gone, so you can keep shopping for some sweet back to school pieces of flair or pie artwork to inspire your seasonal baking plans! I'll plan to resume shipping orders on 9/26, and all orders placed while I'm gone will receive bonus goodies inspired by my trip. Your patience will be rewarded by 20% off orders of $20 or more during this time if you use coupon code ALASKA! And as those luscious winter clouds roll in, don't forget to start planning your own holiday radness - if you're thinking of giving someone a custom portrait this year, now would be a great time to reserve your spot! Thank you, friends!

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