April 30, 2014

Sami Says!

Imaginary Coworkers Appreciation Week continues!  Today's special pick is a very important dose of Motivational Speakers, selected for you by my pal Sami Spoon!  It can be yours for just $12 now!

Sami is another awesome person I met through my 1000th sale blog giveaway.  She eventually connected me with Culture Vulture in Leeds, who became my first international wholesale customer!  She was also the one who spotted that some Chinese clothing companies had ripped off my drawing of Macho Man Randy Savage and put it on a shirt titled "Bob Dylan."  Which is horrible.  Yet hilarious.  I love knowing Sami will always weigh in on my latest drawing of weird food or melting eyeballs and totally be on the same page with me!  Plus, it is really fun to have long distance penpals to trade stuff with.  Sami has sent me the coolest jewelry treasures and I supply her with PopTart flavors which aren't available in the U.K.  Fwends Foreverrrrr!

Check out Sami's personal blog (enjoy her fun accessory finds and Black Milk leggings!) as well as her blog Yummy Unchi which is dedicated exclusively to Japanese snacks!!  (Unchi means poop, if you were wondering.) I will keep imagining what fun I would have with all these imaginary coworkers if we shared an office in real life, but we'll be back here tomorrow for you to meet someone else and find another print 50% off!  

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