April 26, 2014

Rad Red Rhubarb

It's farmers market time again!  It was chilly out this morning, but I love the cold, and you know what else rocks a cold climate?  RHUBARB.  A glittering pile of rubies could not have looked more beautiful and radiant red to me today.  I remembered a lovely illustrated recipe I wanted to try, so I scooped up my treasure, and my dog and I baked this cake.

I am the girl whose suitcase has exceeded the weight limit because I filled it with rhubarb.

The inspiration is Rhubarb Strawberry Cake by Petra Hämmerleinova from They Draw and Cook. It's a very simple, biscuit-y kind of cake which is the perfect base for a pile of rhubarb and strawberries!  I love the recipe illustration, and regret I did not have a fancier tea set to serve my cake on!  If you try it  out yourself, don't miss Petra's note to toss the fruit in sugar, which got left out of the drawing.  See more of Petra's wonderful illustrations on her website!

And now that we've admired how lovely it is, who's gonna come help me eat it??

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