April 20, 2014

Origin Story

"Weird and Wonderful Anchorage, Alaska" 

Holler if you love Anchorage! I've just submitted this map of my hometown to They Draw and Travel.  It has been really fun discussing it with all my Alaskan friends and encouraging the curiosity of those who have never visited! The concept for this challenge was to illustrate what's "creative and curious" about where you're from.  So these are things that stand out for me, but it's not intended to be a comprehensive or particularly utilitarian map.  It took me a long time to decide what the point of view of the map would be! Anchorage is much bigger than this, but I narrowed it down to this chunk based on the format size and a few things I especially wanted to mark by their physical location.  It ended up looking like this crazy sketchbook of a few landmarks and a lot of weird memories!

Special shout-outs to:
The Pack Rat Antiques, co-owned by my friend BreAnn who has a typewriter tattoo, and has written me millions of letters on typewriters, (and I still have them all), and commissioned some illustrations from me which she uses on shop gift certificates:

Available on fabric, wallpaper, and giftwrap from Spoonflower!

Fire Island Rustic Bakeshop, a delicious bakery owned by one of my high school math & science teachers and her family!  Last time I was there I ate an entire strawberry rhubarb galette myself because I figured that if it fit in my purse, it counted as a single serving.  Thank you, huge purse.

It's not really too huge but looks very majestic in the sunshine.

I drew heaps and heaps of images that didn't make the final edit! I finally concluded I'll just need to make this into a series of maps.  Possible additional Anchorage map themes: stories about my Dad, high school memories, weird tourist & celebrity incidents, places I remember from childhood that aren't there anymore, signs, all about Spenard... Such good potential for storytelling!  If you are from Anchorage I would love to hear your ideas about what YOU would put on a map!

Go visit my map, and scope out other amazing illustrated maps at They Draw and Travel!  

Update 4/21: They Draw and Travel use ImageKind to offer their maps as art prints or snazzy wrapped canvases and they've added this map by popular demand! You can order one HERE!

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