April 28, 2014

Imaginary Coworkers Appreciation Week

Hello out there internetland!  This week is dedicated to you!  I love working from my home studio and being my own boss, but it can get a little lonely at times.  I don't know if I could do it without the internet!  I am so grateful for everyone who listens to my goofy ideas, gives me feedback, leaves comments, and helps me spread the word about my art and other related important messages.  I'm giving an extra shout out to a few folks this week, who I know would be my best work buddies if the whole internet counted as an office. Wait, who wants to be in an office?  The whole internet is a record store and it's the 90s forever.

I did not know that book was there. I thought I was super cool getting my
employee photo made in between the Beastie Boys and Beck.

My favorite part of working at a record store in olden times was the Staff Picks wall.  Someone who never made their identity known to me came in every week and bought what I recommended!  Such mystery!  It was like having superpowers.  So I'm putting up a Betty Turbo BFF Picks wall this week.  Each awesome lady is picking a print that's not already part of my Studio Sale and I'll put it on sale for 50% off!  The whole sale will continue through Friday, then I really gotta hustle and get serious with the packing.

Today's special friend is also having a BIRTHDAY today which makes her opinion extra important!  Anne and I became acquainted via this here blog back when I was doing a giveaway to celebrate my 1000th sale.  She is also the person responsible for introducing me to Rad and Hungry, which was the beginning of another beeeeautiful friendship!  Scope out more of Anne's excellent taste via the treasures she posts to her Tumblr

Anne's pick of the day is this illustrated quote from Henry Ward Beecher!  She says, "Aside from Beecher being just awesome in general, he recognized the necessity to embrace the better, weirder parts of being onself. This quote always reminds me to be me."  

There you have it folks!  This print will be 50% off, so pick one up if you need that reminder, and I hope you have an INSANEly wonderful week!  Don't forget to scope out the rest of the sale in my Etsy shop, and check back each day to see what other radness we'll add!

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