January 2, 2014

Latest Portrait Adventures!

Another insane holiday season has rumbled by and I'm greeting the new year with a great feeling of satisfaction with the past year and excitement over possibilities ahead!  I wanted to drop a little show and tell of some holiday portraits I did recently to plant the seed that I LOVE MAKING PORTRAITS and there's another super couple-y holiday on the horizon for which perhaps it would be A GREAT IDEA for you to commission a portrait of your own!

This is the fifth year in a row I've made a portrait of my aunt and uncle!  Each year they have new requests and ideas for themes and motifs and it's really fun to see how they develop.  This year was an 18x18 painting on a wood panel.  They called me on the phone after it was unveiled and it was the next best thing to being able to see their faces in person.

Here's a drawing I made for a fellow who found me through my Etsy shop.  He wanted a gift for his girlfriend that captured elements of the story of their relationship.  I think a storytelling portrait is such a cool idea!  It's a little bit "This is Your Life" and a little bit "My Favorite Things" (the Sound of Music version OR the Sarah Silverman version!).  I would love to create repeating patterns to tell these stories too -- OOOH! How cool would it be to make a large portrait and then create a repeat to print on wallpaper for the wall behind it?!  Whoever wants this first, call me!  Spoonflower and I are waiting to make this dream come true. 

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