May 21, 2011

MACHO RADNESS. a tribute. part one.

i'd like to pay tribute to Macho Man Randy Savage the best way i know how: in cake. to make Macho Radness, combine 5 boxes of funfetti cake mix with a case of Slim Jims and 2 dozen dismembered Hulk Hogan action figures. OOOHHH YEAAHH!! blend in the food processor and bake according to instructions on box. garnish with more Slim Jims and take your decorating cues from Macho Man Randy Savage's keen and amazing wardrobe. DIG IT!

rest in peace, Macho Man. sincere condolences to Leapin' Lanny and the rest of the Poffo family.

May 17, 2011

and perhaps a little Turbo home decor?

these are my other recent creations from my screenprintstravaganza. i didn't realize how hard it would be to creatively photograph a pillow. almost all the pillows on Etsy are photographed sitting on a chair, or on a plain white background. that just ain't gonna cut it in Turboland. this may be overkill in the crazy department, i don't know. what do you think? any crazier than the pillows themselves? would two-headed grizzly bears ride bikes better in a clean, modern setting?

pulchritudinous pinnipeds!

i finally have shirts listed in my Etsy shop! it's fun to have some things that require making a mess again, after so many hours with only a pen and the computer to make my mischief. so what's your flavor, popsicles or ice cream? did you think i would actually make any shirts without dessert on them?

May 11, 2011

crafty recovery

well, it's been four days since the Crafty Wonderland Colossal Spring Sale and i think i've finally tamed the chaos of my studio back into its semi-normal (albeit frenzied) production mode. this was my first craft show since moving to Oregon. didn't do insanely awesome, but not terrible either. still a remarkable turnout compared to any such event i've participated in before. i'm glad the panicked preparations are over and i can get on with the next adventures!

pictured above along with my art prints & cards are some pillows, my first experience with screen printing! so much fun. really really glad to have a trained professional overseeing that project. you know how cranky i get when i'm not an expert at something. the pillows will appear soon in my Etsy shop, along with the two t-shirts i designed as a "guest artist" for Mixed Species!

my favorite part of the show by far was talking to wrestling fans! oh man, people would just come up and FREAK OUT, it was the best. one guy said "i'm totally overloaded with awesome right now." someone recognized Mick Foley, did NOT know he was a wrestler, but told a story of being his neighbor in Florida and remembered he was really nice and donated weight equipment to their church. another customer told me a story about his friend who got in trouble at work for talking to Rowdy Roddy Piper (who i didn't realize is a local!).

other highlights included meeting Shana of cookoorikoo and her husband Shawn of pixelparty. oh, aren't Etsy couples just adorable? yes they are. yay for crafty people in love. and speaking of superb Portland Etsy folks, i am finally the proud owner of a wacky 3-D painting of ice cream craziness by the amazing Tripper Dungan! it is a fabulous addition to my ongoing collection of ice cream art. i have it hanging on the wall next to my robot cone from My Zoetrope.

keep your eyes peeled for WAY more zany art happening over the summer, and by the time the Crafty Wonderland Holiday Sale rolls around, i'll have perfected my new finishing move, which will either be the "Prints on Paper Piledriver" or "Betty Turbo's Bionic Beater." i mean, since "Awesome Bomb" is already taken.