March 30, 2011

the genius

you know i love drawing wrestlers, and i'm always looking for suggestions of who else you would like to see. Lanny Poffo was nominated by a twitter follower. who do YOU think i should draw? this card featuring The Genius is available in my Etsy shop.

spring cleaning sale!

i'm cleaning out my studio inventory to make room for the ridiculous amount of things i plan to bring to Crafty Wonderland in just a few short weeks, so i've put final quantities of some older prints on sale super cheap to clear them out. (like the very last copies of the ice cream hairdo you see above!) please check out the spring clearance sale section in my Etsy shop in case there's anything you want to nab before it's gone forever! thanks for spreading the word.

return of PLAID!

guys, i said i wasn't going to draw plaid anymore after the Blecha Brothers illustration i did, but... i couldn't resist! you know i love hand-lettered typography, and i really went to town (Stumptown!) on this one. now i'm tempted to draw a whole neckbeard alphabet, in case i need it again in the future! hope you like this little postcard. and if you're not a Portlander sending your greetings elsewhere, well i will write a message all over one for you and mail it from just down the road, in my equally bike-friendly and timbertastic (though lacking in good doughnuts) town of Corvallis. available as single cards or 4-packs in my Etsy shop.

March 28, 2011

rain rain rainy rain.

just a little ditty i wrote for this pacific northwest weather i'm wallowing in.

March 17, 2011

doot doot.

i intercepted a message from space. i think it's for you.

March 9, 2011

words to live by

the very first job every printed at Hatch Show Print in 1879 was for a lecture by Henry Ward Beecher! take his advice and get a little insane in the membrane. cheers.

March 8, 2011

what's with TODAY today?

raise your hand if you watched Empire Records a zillion times in high school...

March 5, 2011

happy birthday from Giles...

i don't care what you heard on Portlandia, MY recipe for success seems to be "put a NERD on it!" so here's another nerdy card for all you Buffy buffs. available in my shop, alongside such favorites as the Jayne Cobb birthday card. what other geekery would you like to grace your greeting cards? now taking nominations!

March 2, 2011

western wildlife

this print, now available in my Etsy shop, documents a rare species of wild boombox i discovered in the woods while i was out for a run.

my freewheelin' neon life

this is how i feel lately...