September 23, 2011

paper nerds wanted

now that it's been published in the newspaper that i obsessively hoard paper goods, i feel somewhat more pressure to distribute them and make sure you know i was saving them all for YOU. i have always loved writing letters, and i've collected all kinds of weird cards and stationery over the years knowing there would be a perfect occasion some day for me to send them to you. in the mail. pieces of paper with writing on them. is this such a crazy idea?

know what else i like? making custom paper goods for people. but the people i know well enough to craft something special for are not necessarily the people who share my interest in ye olde written correspondence. (with a few very choice exceptions. hi BreAnn.)

so here's what i propose: send me a letter. (a real one on paper, delivered to my home by someone in blue shorts.) tell me something real. don't send me a 4th grade penpal "about me" letter repeating everything i could read in your online profile. tell me about something that's important to you. tell me a story. i don't know! write whatever you want. in exchange, i will create some type of custom stationery for you. and i will send it to you. it may be a direct response to the content of your letter, it may just be inspired by whatever random things i know about you. i will send you this specimen. i will also write you back, using up my ample stash of supplies which may or may not feature Humphrey Bogart or kittens. and after that? who knows...

i will be sharing my creations and maybe some glimpses of the mail i receive. i will not make your full name or the actual contents of your letter public without specifically getting your permission. i reserve the right to sell additional copies of whatever i create inspired by you. if you want to participate, you can email me via agnesbartonsabo at gmail dot com to obtain my mailing address. let's make beautiful paper goods together.

your friend,
Betty Turbo


Sami Spoon said...

I am quite in love with that log paper!

agnes said...

thanks! i've yet to write any messages on it!